Recombinant Proteins

GNG also offers a wide range of recombinant proteins for research use. Through propriety protein expression technology , GNG has been able to deliver and express challenging proteins from all source in bacterial expression system. 

The protein we produce is validated at various platform functionally and stringent QC is maintained to deliver quality product.

Our protein ranges includes cytokines, Interleukins, CD receptors, Viral proteins, bacterial and protozoan proteins. You can access the list for your purpose here

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Available Purified Proteins

Recombinant TNF alpha 

Recombinant STAT3 Protein

Recombinant MTB PEP A Protein

Recombinant Cry 1F Protein

Recombinant IL6 Protein

Recombinant CD32H Variant

Recombinant MTB PEP Q Protein

Recombinant MTB DAP E Protein

Recombinant IL6 Receptor

Recombinant CD20 Protein

Recombinant Cry1Ac Protein

Recombinant SP3D Protein

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