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Job Opportunity


Job Description

Research Scientist (Clone Development, Cell culture expert)

What will you do? 

Develop and optimize cell culture media and processes suitable for manufacture and meeting customer requirements for large scale production of Monoclonal Antibodies
Hybridoma Development 

Transfection and recombinant Antibody clone development using mammalian cell line.

Identifying the best clone and expansion.

M.Sc or PhD degree with relevant work experience.


Essential Criteria

Minimum of 2 years’ experience in bio/pharma industry in the area of mammalian cell culture (CHO).

Must have extensive and technical expertise relating to mammalian cell culture, media development and cell culture process development disciplines.

Understands new scientific concepts and ideas
Demonstrated significant accomplishments leading cross-functional technology and product development teams. Aptitude for analysis and experimental design
Excellent grasp of sterile techniques
Excellent organizational skills, including the ability to efficiently evaluate, and prioritize multiple and changing priorities
Able to work independently.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

Strong written, verbal. and presentation skills
Able to co-ordinate multiple teams and subordinates 
Experience in high-throughput small-scale cell culture systems 



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